Friday, May 15, 2015

Random Movie Reviews 2

A while back I started a feature that I called Random Movie Reviews in which I tell you about a movie that you may or may not be familiar with. Most will be older movies, some you will have seen, some you won't, but you will be hopefully be entertained by my telling you about them in these posts. That's pretty much it, on with the show...

This time, the movie is one I actually went and saw in the theater and its a doozy. It is a movie called The Hunted. I'd wager that almost all of you thought of this:

But that isn't the one I'm talking about. No, I am talking about a movie that was released in 1995 and stars John Lone, Joan Chen, and more importantly, none other than the Highlander himself CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT!!! Yes that's right, this movie stars Connor MacLeod, or if you prefer Raiden himself.  I really think for a brief period in the mid-90's Christopher Lambert was thought of as bringing "legitimacy" to a movie. But that's beside the point, here's an example of the movie in all its 90's glory:

Just look at that sexy poster. If that doesn't make you want to run out and see it then I don't know what will. 

The plot of this film is this: An American businessman (Lambert) goes to Tokyo and after a hard day's work attempting to sell computer chips to Japanese people (yes you read that right) goes to a bar in his hotel where he meets and subsequently picks up the hottest woman there (Chen). He then proceeds to have a fun filled night on the town with her and ends up back in her hotel room where they get it on despite his wearing little piggy boxers. Upon completion of the coitus he does what any dorky man who just got laid by a hot asian woman would do, he offers to say in town longer in the hopes of spending more time with her. She is flattered but makes it clear this was a one time thing as she clearly has something big going on very soon. He leaves the room and once he is gone IN COME THE NINJAS!! I'm not kidding, there are freaking ninjas in this movie. Anyway the ninjas come in and the leader of the ninjas has an exchange with her in which she delivers one of my favorite lines ever. **SPOILER ALERT** The ninja essentially tells her to choose quick death or slow and painful to which she responds: "I wish to die slowly and with much pain so I remember what it was to be alive" **END SPOILER** She delivers that LIKE A BOSS!   Anyway, they kill her but before they do she asks the main ninja to take off his mask so that she can see the face of the guy who kills her. Well he obliges and it is during all this that Christopher Lambert's character lets himself back in the room after finding her key still in his jacket. He sees what is happening and tries to stop it but the ninjas kill him. Or so they think. As it turns out the other ninjas are pretty crappy assassins and he survives. In the hospital he finds out that the ninja leader is a man called Kinjo (Lone) and that no one has ever seen his face and lived. Until now. He is then introduced to a Japanese Kendo instructor who is a descendant of a Samurai clan that has a beef with the ninja clan going back to the time of the Samurai. Still with me? This gets even better. The Kendo instructor wants Lambert to come with him to his freaking samurai training island (no BS this mf'er has an island) so he can protect him from the ninjas and after initially refusing and barely escaping a second attempt on his life he agrees and goes to the Kendo instructor's island where he stays until the big inevitable showdown at the end. 

There are some other things that happen in the movie as the story develops and I won't spoil any more of it for those of you who read that and are willing to try and handle all that 90's awesomeness. I will though tell you about one more thing. If this doesn't make you want to see it then the point of such a movie as this is lost on you, and oh well not everything is for everyone...but anyway back to the point. There is a scene in this movie that is so epic I almost can't describe it. It is probably the main reason I picked this movie for this review, to be honest. After deciding to go to the island they must first take the bullet train to where they will get the boat and while they are on the train the ninjas attack looking for Lambert's character. Saying it like that though doesn't do it justice. Let me elaborate. You see, what happens here is that the ninja's start at the front of the train and just start killing everyone. EEEEEVVVVVVEEEERRRRYYYYYYONNNNEEEE!!! Well the Kendo Samurai sees this coming and starts at the other end of the train telling people to go to the back because the ninjas are coming and he clears out the train until they meet in the middle. What ensues is a slashfest of samurai vs ninja swordfighting that is, in my humble opinion, completely badass. A sword fight, in the confines of a train which happens to be a bullet train, between a samurai and ninjas? Count. Me. In. Every fraking time. 

I've seen it numerous times and while I will not pretend to say that it is a good movie it is definitely a good time if for no other reason than that train sequence. All in all it's probably only a two out of five stars type of movie but if you go in expecting bad then it may come off as a three out of five. 

That's all for now I will leave you with the trailer for you to judge for yourselves. 

Just as an addendum I want to make it known that I am aware that I have so far chosen two movies for random review that I have only rated at two out of five stars and I promise you it is not my intention to give less than stellar movies for each one of these. The problem is that the really good movies don't necessarily go unnoticed or overlooked and so these first two may have set a bad tone, I give you my word though that the future does hold some better movies for this part of the blog. As to when they show up well I guess you'll just have to stay tuned....

Thanks for reading.


I'm Baaaaaack

So here I am. Like MacArthur I have returned. I am back from my vacation to the oldest city in North America. I love that place, it's beautiful, has a great history and isn't full of tourists which is a huge plus for me. I have actually been back for 2 days because my vacation was unfortunately cut short but that's a subject for another time...Despite having to return I have still behaved like I was on vacation and took some time to relax at home so as not to waste the opportunity and I think it worked to a degree. I do feel somewhat recharged and am ready to get back to business.

The break did resuscitate me creatively a little and so I am going to be reviving the "Random Movie Reviews" feature I did a while back and have 2 movies lined up and ready to go. Also, today I am working on some videos for the non KiloBravo stuff I previously mentioned. There are, though, a couple hiccups that I have discovered with some of the other things I wanted to do. Nothing too terrible really, one is that I had to order a specific cable to plug my phone into the new mixer because the one I was going to use doesn't work so the Podcast has faced yet another setback. The next one is the most frustrating and what I am calling the "don't put all your eggs in one basket" problem, I'm calling it that because I knew better but had done it anyway so I'm essentially telling myself I told you so. To keep a long story short I will put it like this: I had a plan to utilize some outside assistance to raise awareness and money for the film project that I am hoping to shoot this summer, that plan was relying heavily on a specific group of people for a good chunk of the money and as it turns out there is at this very moment another more well established brand actively courting that group for money for their own project. That really throws the proverbial monkey wrench in my plans since attempting to compete with the larger more established brand for the same money would be ill advised at this particular time. That doesn't necessarily rule out shooting this summer though it just makes fundraising look vastly different from how I had planned. What annoys me is that I had figured on beginning that part of the campaign when my vacation was over and the other brand launched while I was away. So you can see why I'm kicking myself.

Now for the good news.

There isn't any.

Just kidding. I will most likely go ahead and record another Podcast sans guest so at least there will be a new episode. It's not that big of a deal, I can suck it up and do one more solo episode while waiting on the cable to get here. Also, as I said I can still try to move forward with procuring funds for the film project with a different strategy in place so that is also no big deal. All in all things aren't terribly bad despite some bumps on the road. That is to be expected though, if everything were easy all the time you'd be ill prepared for when things eventually do get rough. This is all just a part of the experience. Expect more news soon...

Thanks for reading and be on the lookout for the next Random Movie Reviews coming up very soon (today or tomorrow and you can take that to the bank).


Friday, May 8, 2015

A change of scenery

As I write this I am laying in my bed, as you read it I'm most likely on my way to visit my family in Florida. I'm finally taking a bit of a vacation after years of not having one. It's an interesting time for me, I'm not big on taking trips and the timing of this one is definitely not optimal. I've stated before there's a lot going on in my life right now (I hope my saying that isn't getting old) but the opportunity for a vacation was there and even my doctor advised I get away for a while. So here I am, taking a trip to the Sunshine State to get away, unplug, and recharge. 

Why am I telling you this? Frankly, I don't know. I'm trying to blog more for one but for two I am trying to keep people who want to know up to date on the company and my efforts with it and so my leaving to go to Florida seems like it fits in the relevant information category. 

What does this mean? Nothing really in the grand scheme of things, I plan on doing some KiloBravo work while I'm down there so it shouldn't hinder anything. As I said in the previous post this was a good week administratively and I have no intentions of losing momentum so I'm still going to take care of some of the projects that I have been working on. The plan is to do some work and relax so I can come back with a rejuvenated mind and body. Lord knows I need it. 

I guess that's about it, I'll still be around and may even post some surprises while I'm gone. I appreciate all your continued support. 

Thanks for reading. 


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Good Stuff

In the words of Harvey Dent: the night is darkest just before the dawn, and I promise you the dawn is coming. Lately, and by lately I mean the past few months, things have seemed quite bleak at times. Whether it be the personal things I've mentioned or just the general state of affairs for this business. I will admit that I have contemplated folding the company and giving up more than once in the past few months but I didn't. I didn't for a great many reasons but that is another blog post for another time, this post here is about the rays of light that are starting to slip through and eliminate that darkness signifying the coming dawn. Wow. That was kind of melodramatic, I didn't mean for that to come out that way. Oh well, moving on.

There are a couple things that happened today for this company that I think are blog worthy and more than that make me quite happy about where we are headed. The first thing that happened today is something that should have happened a long time ago but didn't, today I got my DUNS number. What is a DUNS number you ask? Well, lets ask Wikipedia: The Data Universal Numbering System, abbreviated as DUNS or D-U-N-S, is a proprietary system developed and regulated by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) that assigns a unique numeric identifier, referred to as a "DUNS number" to a single business entity. It was introduced in 1963 to support D&B's credit reporting practice. It is a common standard worldwide. DUNS users include the European Commission, the United Nations, and the United States government. More than 50 global, industry, and trade associations recognize, recommend, or require DUNS. The DUNS database contains over 220 million entries for businesses throughout the world.  So there we go. That is, in essence, what a DUNS number is. In all honesty I should have taken care of that when I first founded the company 2 years ago, and frankly the reason why it didn't happen until now is because I thought I already had taken care of it. As it turns out, I hadn't. The way I discovered I hadn't is thanks to Apple. I was signing up my developer account for KiloBravo Entertainment and they asked for my DUNS number, I was like "sure guys, no problem I have it right here..." and then realize I couldn't find it. I then went to D&B's website to find it and as it turns out when I applied the last time I must not have done something right because it never went through. In my mind though I had applied so I assume that's why I thought I already had it. Well luckily it's easy to request one and it only takes a couple days to get and so now here we are. I filled it out and viola! I have a DUNS number. I know it's something small but it goes a long way towards legitimizing the business and at the very least opened up a way of being able to develop for Apple which is a huge part of the plan down the road. but more on that as it happens....

The next thing that happened today was this:

That's right people, it is on! I got my mixer and microphone so the podcast will now be able to happen weekly as I had originally intended. It seems like forever since I came up with this idea but it is now becoming a reality and that makes me happy. So right now, as far as KiloBravo goes, I am a happy man indeed. I am now going to get busy on hashing out the details with guests as to when they will be available to be on the show and should have that set up and ready any day now. For those of you who may be wondering, the reason this stuff is necessary in order to get the podcast up and running is because I needed this equipment so I could take phone calls/skype calls/facetime calls and record them for the podcast episodes enabling me to have guests. This frees both them and me up to be anywhere when recording the podcast and doesn't limit us to having to be in a room together which many times can be next to impossible to set up in a timely manner, or at the very least, almost impossible to set up in a timely manner in order to get out a weekly podcast. So now that is one more hurdle cleared. 

Speaking of hurdles, it is the hurdles themselves and the clearing of them that I am focusing on right now. As I said previously I have a lot in the works and this stuff here is all a part of the step by step process that I have laid out in front of myself to guide me like a roadmap to get this business where it is that I am trying to get it. I'm on the right track and I wanted to share that with you. Stay tuned...

I appreciate you all.


Friday, May 1, 2015

Some thoughts and goings on.

Well, I figured it was time for me to write another post. It has been a few months...

Things have been...interesting. I have 2(actually3) projects close to ready to film. I have 2 apps that are still in early development stages, and the business plan is finished. YAY! Those are all good things. Now for the bad.

In case you hadn't noticed the podcast has not returned. Yeah. It sucks. My original plan, as you may remember, was to have the podcast in full swing at this point but unfortunately that has been sidelined as a result of some things going on in my personal life. I will explain the personal stuff at a later time so for now just know that I have been dealing with some happenings in my life that are big and life changing. I have also had some expenses that have prevented me from purchasing the equipment I was getting to run the podcast and since I was very unhappy with the overall quality of the first episode I decided to shelve it until I can purchase the equipment. I probably should have said something sooner so please forgive me. I don't really want to elaborate on the other things yet but there has been a lot of upheaval in my personal life of late which has had a profound impact on the other parts of my life both for better and worse. Again, I'll talk on the personal stuff at some point but for now what I will say is that I have had some health issues that I am finally starting to get under control and some problems in other areas that are now close to being resolved as well. I am seeing the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, if you will.  Despite the negatives not all hope is lost, there is some good news to come out of all this, some of which will be revealed later but some of it I will say now.

I have literally just purchased some new equipment and so the podcast will resume as soon as it arrives. I have a plan of action for attempting to film one of the 2 (3) possible projects this summer and I will elaborate further on that in the next few weeks. As I stated the business plan is done so I am beginning what I am referring to as Phase 1 effective immediately and you will start seeing more content on a consistent scheduled basis. The first of which will be a podcast episode this weekend (whether the new equipment is here or not) with a very special guest. I can tell you with great certainly that it will be at least partially a review of Avengers: Age of Ultron but as to how long the episode goes, well, that's up to the guest.

Part of Phase 1 is to begin a set schedule of programs that are videos as well as podcasts but also blogs and original content in other mediums. Some of the other mediums may not be things that everyone on the page will see but they fit into the overall puzzle and help strengthen the financial footing of KiloBravo. For example, I will be rolling out services on Fiverr and other networks which will provide the company with revenue but may not necessarily be seen by fans of the brand so as a result I will touch on those in the blog and/or podcast. There will also be videos that work as content for specific other channels that do not mesh with what I am doing here but nonetheless provide valuable pieces to the overall puzzle as well. No, I'm not doing porn. But there are many types of videos that are on YouTube and other sites that I can and will do that don't fit here but help in the long term. In terms of KiloBravo content that does fit with the brand identity there will be a concerted effort to provide more content that is on a scheduled basis, one such project that will be debuting soon is a weekly news program. The goal is also to eventually turn this into a nightly news program but that is a little ways off. There will also be other projects being rolled out in the next weeks and months that operate in a similar fashion to the news program and I think when that happens you will all begin to see the pattern and what the goal is for Phase 2.

That's really it, I just wanted to get a new blog up to keep everyone updated because I appreciate the support from all of you and so I wanted to let you know that things are really about to kick off. It is an ambitious plan but is one that has been thought out carefully and I have a definite roadmap of where I'm headed.

Thank you all very much for the support and stay tuned...


Monday, January 5, 2015

State of the Bravo...

Well here we are, it's that time of year again and another year has come and gone. Since today is the first Monday of the year it is the first day of back to work for most of us. I am no different. I got back to work today and it actually felt pretty good to do it to be honest. I was getting a little stir crazy I think. But that's irrelevant; as some of you know I like to give a yearly update as to where the company stands and where it is going. Sort of a look back and a look forward at the same time. To me it's similar in nature to the President's State of the Union address, except I am not a politician and I'm not lying or talking out of both sides of my mouth. So lets get to it then shall we?

First things first this past year did not go at all the way that I planned. The company, as I previously stated in another post, was on a sort of holding pattern. It was kind of like I had hit the pause button. It was still there it just wasn't going anywhere. That was a decision I had made due to other circumstances, and while I would like to stand by it I'm on the fence about how it all worked out. I'm not sure if that strategy helped or hurt to be quite frank but regardless it is what happened. Now with that being said this year ended with a bang and I couldn't be happier about it.

The calendar year 2014 was the company's best year to date and saw the release of two mobile Android games as well as the launch of a new website as well as some back-end things such as new accounts with Google, PayPal, YouTube, various government organizations and a bunch of others that I don't want to necessarily reveal just yet. While these things may seem small they are actually big events in terms of what they bring to the company down the road. Each new account that was opened represents a revenue stream down the road. Just to clarify, when I speak of accounts I don't just mean the typical end user accounts that people think of and use every day; what I'm talking about is services and tools that are more like partnerships in some cases. I will not go into the details of each one here because that's boring stuff for the most part but I did want to touch on them and let everyone know that I am excited about them. Some of them will be revealed in future podcasts and blogs so there will be more explanation coming I just wanted to touch on it here briefly to fill in some gaps.

I also would like to take this opportunity to say that in reality most all of that stuff was done starting at the end of August. So in actuality our banner year was more like a banner 4 months. Some of you may think that's a bad thing, and I can appreciate that it could seem that way at face value, but given that the company was essentially on hold until then I'd say that's a definite good thing. Essentially, when the play button was pressed we came out swinging and that is most definitely a reason to be excited about the future.

That brings us to 2015 (we're at now, now). From where I sit, we seem to have hit 2015 with some momentum (I'M THE JUGGERNAUT B****!) and the plan is to keep it going. But what is the plan you ask? The plan is what it's always been, Pinky. Try to to take over the world... No but seriously the plan is actually quite simple and can be summed up in to pretty much one sentence:  the plan for 2015 is to continue with mobile app development while expanding it to iOS, start production on Unwanted Heroes to get that wrapped and released, launch the podcast and to just continue the momentum we've got. See, I told you it was simple.

Obviously there is a bunch of things that go in to all that and I will blog them as we go but for now the mission essentially remains unchanged, I just have to continue to do what I've been doing and I most certainly am going to do that. On the immediate horizon though I will say that the next app should be a cookbook app and should be available on both iOS and Android and the podcast is expected to be on iTunes within the next two weeks. Android users and/or people who use something other than iTunes for podcasts will get it the same time I just don't know yet which service I'm using. As for Unwanted Heroes there may be some Easter eggs in the podcast regarding that...

Well, there it is, the State of the Bravo. Hopefully you all are enjoying the ride so far. I know I am.

Thanks for all your support,


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

I didn't realize it had been so long since my last blog, that's crazy. I've been busy working on a few different things, and time has flown. So let's get down to business shall we?

I just released an android game which you can find by clicking here.

I also have a new website which can be found here.

And I'm still posting things to my facebook and twitter as well.

Obviously, the game release has been the major focus lately and so the website, while active is not fully finished and the movie projects are moving along even slower. I am happy to announce though that shortly after the first of the year I am launching a podcast that will include myself and guests talking about my projects, their projects, and current happenings in the entertainment industry. The tentative date for that is January 8th but that's not set in stone right now so I'll keep you updated.

Lastly, I will be moving some things around and this blog may disappear from here and reappear on the website but I'll (obviously) announce when that does happen.

That's pretty much it for now, thanks for reading, I appreciate it.